We cater to you.

Carpet Surgeon offers cleaning, repair, and logical replacement of carpet in your facility, along with hard surface and upholstery cleaning too. With plans to fit all budgets and needs, we help large and small businesses. Contact us for a free assessment. 


Maintenance Plans Include

  • Free initial assessment at your facility
  • Propose options for properly maintaining your facilities' carpet, hard surfaces, and upholstery
  • Flexible scheduling for service frequency to fit your needs
  • Appointments set at your convenience
  • Reminder call the week before your maintenance appointment
  • Clear communication and no hidden costs

Carpet maintenance can save you money.

It’s no secret that when you take care of things, they last longer. It’s the same for carpet. Clean it regularly, make repairs, and you’ll extend the life of your carpet. Carpet Surgeon can help you maximize your budget.

When it does come time to replace your carpet, we’ll make recommendations that consider high and low-traffic areas and offer cost-effective solutions, such as modular carpet tiles, to save you money.