Think it's time for new carpet? Think again! 

Carpet Surgeon may be able to save you from the cost of replacing carpet. We can repair anything from fireplace burns to water damage. We can re-stretch wrinkled carpet and re-bond old seams. We often come up with creative solutions that not only fix the problem but look good too!



  • Re-Gluing Seams
  • Burns and Snags
  • Replace Padding
  • Restretching
  • Patching
  • Spot Removal

Restretching is our specialty.

Do you have ripples in your carpet? Rippled carpet can result from improper installation where it wasn't stretched adequately so it became loose over time.

It’s not uncommon for carpet to need restretching 3-5 years after it’s installed. Many people think they need to replace their carpet when it starts to buckle but that’s usually not the case. 

Wrinkled carpet wears unevenly and can be a tripping hazard. Restretching carpet can greatly improve the appearance and increase the  life of the carpet!



With 30 years of experience in the carpet repair business, we have the art of restretching down to a science and offer a 3-year workmanship warranty against any future carpet rippling.


Our staff moves furniture as needed (so you don't have to). Once the furniture is moved, we use our power stretcher to get your carpet smooth and tight! We then vacuum your carpet before moving your furniture back into place.