Don't let the name fool you.

Carpet Surgeon’s services extend far beyond carpets and include:

  • Hardwood floor cleaning, repair, and resurfacing
  • Tile and grout cleaning, repair, and sealing

For details on these service, read below.

Hardwood Floors


We start with a cleaning solution specifically made for hardwood floors and then use a low-speed buffing machine to remove soil and scuff marks from the surface. We then polish the floor to a beautiful shine. 

Most hardwood floor manufacturers recommend a professional cleaning at least once a year to keep them looking their best and lasting longer.



Not long ago, the only way to remove scratches from hardwood floors was to have them sanded and refinished. This process is both costly and time consuming, but we have a better way. 

We start by cleaning your hardwood floor with our specialized solution, and then apply a cleaning formula that etches away the top layer of the existing finish. A coat of finish is applied, and then a second coat of finish is applied as an additional wear layer.

Our customers can choose between a matte or gloss finish.

Tile & Grout

With our help, you can say goodbye to scrubbing your tile floors and just enjoy them.

Carpet Surgeon uses a high-pressure cleaning process to get your tile and grout looking great. We’ll then seal your floors to prevent stains and make maintenance a breeze.