In-Home Pollutants

Did you know that EPA studies have proven the indoor environment of most homes are more polluted than the outdoor environments? Many of us don't realize the amount of debris and contaminants that hide in our carpets. Stop and think about everything you walk through outside and ultimately track into your house every day via your shoes. 

Of course, many of these hazards are too small to see but they are still there. They not only cause illnesses, but a large amount of allergies are caused by the dust, fungi, mites, smoke, animal hair, etc. that are trapped in carpet fibers. 

Just as you wash your countertops, bed sheets, and other surfaces in your house, your carpets need to be professionally cleaned to remove these allergens and contaminants. Carpet Surgeon is ready to help you remove these indoor pollutants. And right now, our professional services are available at a discount through our Winter Special!